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L.A. Wellness Spa Center Garo K. Tchakian, D.C. The following is a list of the Workers’ Compensation MPN's, which we are currently conducting business with and serving as the Primary Treating Physician:

1.   American Specialty Health Group, Inc. Medical Provider Network (Workers' Compensation) (Network Access)
2.   Anthem Slue Cross PPO (Workers' Compensation) (Network Access)
3.   Anthem Slue Cross PPO Medical Provider Network (Workers' Compensation}
4.  Employers Direct : Kaiser Permanente, Preferred Employers, Medtronic ,Republic Indemnity, Robertson's Ready Mix Concrete, Inc.,       Safeway Stores Inc.
5.   University of Southern California (USC} - administered by Sedgwick CMS
6.   Coventry
7.   AIG Insurance
9.   Broadspire
10. Crum and Forster
11. ICW Group
12. TRlSTAR Risk Management
13. United States Postal Service
14. York Claims Services
15. Zenith Insurance
16. Zurich Insurance
17. Other: Several other smaller MPN networks Several other Self-lnsured Employers


The following is a list of the Workers’ Compensation MPN's, which we are currently conducting business with and serving as the Secondary Treating Physician:

1. Kaiser On-The-Job Health Care Organization
2. State Compensation Insurance Fund
3. Self-Funded Employers Administered by the State Compensation Insurance Fund
        City of Irvine
        City of Orange Risk Management
        City of San Clemente
        City of Tustin

Client Listing for California as of November 2014

Thank you for being a valued partner In MedRisk's Expert Provider Organization Network (EPO). Below is the current list of MedRisk clients to help you Identify MedRisk patients quickly and easily; however, this list Is not all Inclusive. Please remember, regardless of the referral source a Workers' Compensation patient Insured by one of the companies listed here is recognized and processed as a MedRisk network patient. Patients scheduled by MedRisk directly with your facility should also be recognized and processed as a MedRisk network patient even if the patient Is Insured by a company not listed here.

Report a New Patient:                                                                                Request Authorization for Continued Treatment:
- Phone: 800-225-9675, Option 1                                                                - Fax: 855-806-9754
- Fax: 877-389-7197                                                                                    - Email:
                                                                                                                      To check/request status: Call 800-225-9675, Option 2

Submit Reports, Updates & Notes:                                                            Submit Bill for Payment:
Provide IE/FCE Reports, Patient Attendance Updates,                                 Mail bills to: MedRisk, Inc.
Progress Notes & Discharge Reports                                                                                    P.O. Box 14229 Lexington, KY 40512
- Fax: 855-806-9754                                                                                       Fax bills to: 877-724-7181

Contact MedRisk Provider Relations:
- Phone: 866-697-3707
- Email:

Billing and Initial verification is handled through MedRisk for patients covered by the companies below. Failure to forward all bills directly to MedRisk may delay processing.

MedRisk Clients Effective Dates of Service

Ace/ESIS 9/1/2000 AIG (FORMERLY CHARTIS)   -  6/30/2008
Arrowpoint Capital   -  8/13/2014
Bunch & Associates (GEO Group, Regis, Williams-Sonoma)   -  12/28/2009
Cincinnati Insurance Company   -  1/1/2012
CNA Insurance (managed by Coventry as of 12/1/11)   -  12/15/2008
Coventry Workers Comp Services (7-Eleven, Best Buy, CIRMA, CVS, Employers,
F.A. Richard & Associates, Fireman’s Fund, Kohl’s, Matrix Absence Management, Sears, Sentry Insurance)   -  9/20/2010
Cracker Barrel   -  8/1/2011
Employers Insurance Group   -  4/1/2014
Farmers’ Insurance   -  8/27/2008
Fireman’s Fund Insurance   -  11/1/2009
Gallagher Bassett   -  8/15/2005
MCMC (US Administrators)   -  8/1/2013
North American Risk Services (NARS)   -  8/1/2014
OneBeacon   -  9/15/2005
Sadgwick Claims Management Services (Includes accounts formerly under SRS)   -  11/15/2001
Selective Insurance   -  9/3/2014
Staffmark   -  8/1/2014
Tyson Foods [direct contracts excluded]   -  6/9/2014
Zurich [No Chiropractic Services]   -  7/15/2003

Align Networks

2014 National Customer List

Accident Fund , ADP , AIG Insurance, AIG Worldsource, American Airlines, American Mining Insurance Company, Amerisafe, AMTRUST, Berkley Net Underwriters, Brentwood Services, Broadspire , CCMSI , Crum & Forster , Dollar General, Enstar, ESIS , FCCI, Firstcomp Insurance, Great American Insurance, Guard Insurance , ICW Group , Liberty Mutual (AZ, GA, IL, WI, KY, LA, NM), Macys, Meadowbrook Insurance, Midwest Insurance, Montgomery Insurance, National Interstate/Vanliner, PMA Group , Ryder, Sedgwick (Various Employers), Southwest Airlines , Strategic Comp , TRISTAR Risk Management, Underwriters Safety and Claims, United States Postal Service, UPS, Wafflehouse, Wal-Mart , Westbend, Westfield Group, York Claims Services, Zenith Insurance, Zurich Insurance

Align Networks is currently an approved provider option for the entitles listed above. The above listing is not all inclusive of all insurance payers that Align Networks does business with currently.

Thank you for choosing Align Networks!

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